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Welcome to, the net's premier information site for otolaryngology (the medical study that deals with diagnosis and treatment of disease relating to the Nose, Ears and Throat). We cover a wide range of topics concerning ears, nose and throat. We find pleasure in answering questions you may have about your ear(s), nose, and throat conditions.

We have experts writing articles to provide public awareness on the issues regarding ENT disorders and treatment options. At conditions, causes and symptoms are interrogated to help you match your symptoms. Exercise tips and preventive measures to certain disorders are generously availed to help you BEAT infections.

On, we explore the anatomy of each organ (ear, nose and throat), we explain how each of them functions, how it's irritated or inflamed, the causes of the irritation or inflammation, the signs and symptoms thereof, as well as treatment options (not medical advice). Tips on exercising choice and methods are also made available to those interested in exercising and to those who need to exercise.

However, any information provided on this Web site should not be considered medical advice or a substitute for a consultation with a physician. is not a medical institution, so we are unable to provide specific medical advice, if you have a medical problem, contact your local physician or family doctor for diagnosis and treatment options.

As research proceedings continue, more information and discoveries will be made available on this site. We welcome any breakthrough, experience or information on any ENT disorder that you or your family and friends might have or had. If you have any topic that you think might be of public interest, you are welcome to email us at Your topic must be relevant to otolaryngology (ears, nose and throat) and must be educative. If found relevant, your topic will be altered to meet publication standards.

We also provide links to other Internet sites that provide health information. Once you link to each of these sites, you are subject to that site's terms and conditions.

We have a site map that will assist you in searching for a topic of your choice.

All information on is considered accurate and true, but not to be considered medical advice or substitute for consultation with your physician. See our disclaimer.

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