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Sinus Headaches, Pain and Pressure- Linked to Congestion, Post Nasal   Drip and Allergies?

Going through every day life we often hear our families and loved ones mentioning that they have sinus. In a matter of medically speaking the entire human race and all mammals have sinuses or sinus cavities to be precise.


There are four sinus cavities which are located in the skull and are named the Ethmoid, the Frontal, the Maxillary and the Sphenoid sinus cavities.

These cavities are filled with mucus which trap and filter particles and give resonance to ones voice. Tiny hair like structures called cilia line these cavities and are also involved in the process of moving excess mucus ensuring that it drains correctly down the throat unnoticed and into the stomach.

Allergies are one such condition which results in the body increasing its production of mucus. This increased mucus, if not drained correctly can cause blockages or stagnant mucus to form in the sinus cavities and nasal passages. It is this stagnant mucus that is also responsible for the development of sinus infections, sinus headaches as well as sinus pressure.

Swallowing this post nasal drip is highly un-recommend even though if may be considered filthy to spit as is recommended.  This is because this mucus can carry bacteria and viruses into the digestive system and lead to a further viral infection that usually does not respond to antibiotics.

Being congested can also lead to the development of sinus infections, increased mucus in the sinus cavities as well as increase pressure and headaches as the stagnant mucus blocks the exit pathways for mucus to flow.

Stagnant mucus is the perfect breathing ground for virus and bacterial organism to feed off making it infected and acidic in nature.

Causes and effects of Sinus Pressure, Headaches and Pain

Headaches that are sinus related are in most cases linked to congestion and pressure.
Headaches and pain can be felt throughout the head and can originate from the forehead right around to the back of the head. A person may even experience a band of pain that circles one’s head.

During a sinus infection, tissues in the nasal passages and sinus cavities become inflamed. Inflammation which will occur behind the nose, eyes and cheeks is one of the main causes of these headaches.

  • When one bends forward, the headache being experienced may become worse and the pain increase.  
  • When one has a sinus headache it will be its worst in the morning as mucus has been allowed to stagnate in the sinus cavies and ease as the day progresses.
  • Weather also increases the pain, and cold weather may cause the symptoms to become worse in some individuals.
  • Tension and stress also have a hand in headaches being experienced and will get progressively worse if the stress on the individual progresses.

Facial tenderness, along with a pressure-like pain in one specific area, headaches accompanied by flu’s etc. are all signs of sinus pressure and pain accompanied by headaches. An individual should have his medical physician or allergist test his or her immune system to identify if the initial cause of these headaches is allergies.

Headaches should also be taken seriously if the condition persists continuously for more than one month and occurs on a daily basis. Pressure build up from the congested mucus and being unable to drain can be the cause of this pressure leading to pain and headaches.

Treatment of Sinus Pressure, Headaches, Pain

The correct cure and treatment route to proceed with when encountered with such symptoms as mentioned above, is to find the underlying causes of the symptoms.

When the cause has been established, effective long lasting relief can be obtained. Effective drainage will create immense relief and will also ease any trapped or thick mucus which causes pressure.

  • Try not to smoke or consume any alcohol when experiencing these symptoms as it can worsen the headache and symptoms being experienced, especially when encountered with tension or stress headache.
  • One should try all natural approach to over come this condition before turning to prescribed medication.
  • Drink lots of water to aid mucus flow, also eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.
  • Yoga and Zen gardens are good stress relievers, while rubbing Vicks on your forehead can ease the pain being experienced by opening up the blocked nasal passages and promoting drainage of thick mucus. Please be careful not to get any of the Vicks in your eyes as this does burn and can  cause serious discomfort if it enters the eye.   
  • In severe headache and migraine conditions, a lumbar puncture specimen can be considered to test if the fluid (cerebrospinal fluid) has any defects or causes which result in headaches.











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