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I hope you can help me. I am desperate to get rid of my sinus problem that i have had now for over a year. I have been to an ENT specialist and he detected blockage in one of my maxillary sinuses. It seems likely that it is a nasal polyp, because i also had a severe allergic reaction to ibuprofen which i had never had before this problem. My symptoms include:
Post nasal drip at night
Yellow mucus
funny feeling in sinuses
voice that sounds as though i have a bad cold

Cycle that goes like this: relatively clear - voice becomes increasingly nasally sounding - sinuses start to ache - a large clump of yellow mucus comes out - relatively clear again.
This cycle has been going on for over a year now and i need to get rid of it. I have tried several nasal sprays and flonaise, but don't want to continue to use steroids. I would however, like the cheapest possible combination of remedies as we live on subsistence and cant afford extras.

Thank you for your time,

Hello!  I am looking for a more natural solution for my sinus problems, related to allergies. I have taken Zyrtec for a year, and don't feel that it is really doing anyting, esp. when I can, i do a salt nasal wash and clear out a lot of mucous, while taking it!  My question is do you know of any natural solution to help with this sinus problem, Jake











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